The Funding Duo

Melanie Wild-Schleiffelder
 and Angelika Szac-Fidrych are the founding Team of iMellan GmbH, the mother company of X NU WAYS! Consulting.

Both worked in number of industries and organisations for number of years. Both had been there: In dynamic environments, changing economical conditions, new organisations and operating models, the rise of digital transformation and disruptive business models.

They had seen and worked with leaders and their teams in need of clear strategy, holistic view and right evidence – as well as a positive change mindset and resilient team morale. Eventually, they decided to join forces. Together they are a synergetic powerhouse – always in the middle of the heat with the teams they work, facing and dealing with situations as they are (and never taking things for granted  ). 

Each of them is a true ‘transformationalist’ – a Change Strategist, Game Changer, Process Mastermind and People Coach. With this background, they are able to provide and drive clarity, creativity, confidence, collaboration and evidence – all supported by guiding frameworks, principles and tool-kits. All what is needed to succeed.

Melanie & Angelika are known for having a 360 view at all times, being result-driven and conscious of people stories and stakeholder dynamics. They bring in their passion, drive and engaging attitude in everything they do. This authenticity they believe changes the game and makes the difference.


Melanie Wild-Schleiffelder

Founder & CEO of iMellan GmbH
Transformationalist . Business & Team Coach . Entrepreneur . Mentor

'It feels good to be lost in the right direction!'


Born and raised in the lovely 'Hohenlohe' district in South-West Germany. Married to a native Bavarian and mom of a 10 years old ‘Bua’ (Bavarian for ‘boy’). Based in the greater Munich Area, but convinced globetrotter.


Master Degrees in Engineering, Business Management & Marketing
Business Transformation Leader
Digitalisation, Automation and Process Mastermind
Business & Team Coach, Trainer
Languages: German & English (French & Spanish on moderate level)

Interests & Passions

Versed Design, Art & Architecture Buff.
Strong affinity to work on Fixer Upper & DIY Projects!
A constant Gardener.
Fitness & Yoga Fan, Food & Wine Lover, Golfer-Girl.

Angelika Szac-Fidrych

Founder & CEO of iMellan GmbH
Transformationalist . Management & Personal Coach . Entrepreneur . Mentor

'Only sky is the limit!'


Born in Poland, but now lives in Ireland. Moved to Dublin 14 years ago and planned to stay for few months only … … but fell in love with Ireland and decided to stay. Once she started traveling the world, she never stopped.


Master Degrees in Teaching, Translation & Interpretation
Project & Change Leader
Management Coach & Trainer
Nutrition & Health Coach
Languages: Polish, English, German

Interests & Passions

Hiking is her thing!
Roller skates bring her joy and she can’t live without Fitness Trainings.
Will show you a perspective to every life situation.
Constantly strives for being better version of herself.