Keeping up the pace in successful business transformation is a must for every company – established or starting-up. Main goal is to build new sustainable ways of creating customer value – through digital services and new products in an ever changing world and economy.

Business transformations are by nature very complex, speedy and risky undertakings. Dynamics are mainly driven by external conditions with only little control, sight and predictability. Many plates need to be juggled at once to keep up with day-to-day activities. At the same time, the way of working changes on technology, people and process levels.

It’s easy to get lost and lose sight of the big goal, that might even be a moving target. On top, it’s tempting to water down the initially desired vision and to settle instead on a weak compromise that won’t drive real transformation.

We from X NU WAYS have been in these situations number of times. We know the critical phases and risky milestones in a transformation journey, that need to be consciously addressed to mitigate failures. There, leaders and their organisations are in need for gaining clarity, confidence and Change Maker skills to find their own ways to succeed – with the help of Game Changers like us.

Unlike the traditional transformation consultants, we are with the teams in the middle of the heat. We work with them around the globe virtually through their day-to-day operations in these critical phases either as sparring partners, advisors, guides or coaches. These transformation stories are covered in our portfolio:

Digital Transformation Journey

Technologies, data, people and processes are all touched during this disruptive agile journey. Fasten your seat belt – we guide and help organisations on strategic and executional level through the pitfalls, rapids and other challenges throughout their transformation. 

Virtual Collaboration Evolution

With a disruptive, virtual and global workplace we need to find new agile ways how to best work, cooperate and achieve business results with a positive change mindset – as a lead, as a team or as an individual. This goes beyond languages, timezones and cultures.

New Workplaces & Career Paths

Digitalisation changes workplaces. Career paths become more colorful and diverse these days. For  different reasons, people find themselves suddenly in the middle of critical career endeavors. We help people make essential decisions at various crossroads to reach their desired destination.